It's Not a Job Perk; It's Insider Trading

PR guy arrested and accused of insider trading on his clients' press releases

Business Insider 

A Wall Street investor relations person has been charged with insider trading for allegedly buying and selling stocks from company press releases prepared for his firm's clients. Michael A. Lucarelli, was arrested and charged with 13 counts of insider trading on Tuesday. His alleged scheme netted him at least $538,215.32 in ill-gotten gains.

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The SEC Examines Wrap Fee Accounts

SEC launches broad compliance review into 'wrap fee' accounts


U.S. regulators have asked investment advisory firms to hand over records in connection with "wrap fee" accounts they offer clients, as part of a review to determine if they are complying with federal securities laws. 

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Scammers Pose Threat to Social Media Users

LinkedIn scammers are getting scary good


Every social media platform has to battle against scammers and spammers. They ultimately build in just enough friction against creating fake accounts to make it manageable but not enough to eliminate the problem. That leaves it to us, the users, to become experts in identifying fake accounts.

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