5 Shopping Behaviors to Prevent Fraud

Black Friday the No. 1 day for consumer fraud

Media Post

Black hat online search marketing and traffic fraud can cost brands millions in the long run, but so can consumer fraud through ecommerce and in stores. The data science company Feedzai uses real-time, machine-based learning to provide analysis of data representing $750 billion in payment volume, and has found that Black Friday took the No. 1 spot for card fraud in 2013. The data represents more than 17.5 billion transactions with the card, present or not.

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Big Data is a Promising Opportunity for State Government

States have a great new weapon against fraud: big data

The Fiscal Times

Indiana began a big crackdown on identity crooks this year and the results are startling: The state has saved Hoosier taxpayers $85 million so far by not paying out bogus tax refunds. The savings come from using research firm LexisNexis’ giant database to verify the identities on state income tax returns. By spotting false or stolen identities, the state can determine which returns are concocted and block the fake refunds. 

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Now Debuting: Fake CEOs

The corporate fraudster’s newest game: The CEO scam

Kroll Call 

When a company is hit by fraud, more often than not, it’s an inside job. A typical internal fraudster’s traits may or may not be spotted by the trained eye – previous offenses, a gambling addiction, financial problems, the list goes on. But the unwitting accomplice is an equally dangerous threat to any business, as illustrated by a trend in some of Kroll’s most recent fraud reports.

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Two of Madoff's Feeder Funds Liquidate for Victims

Madoff fraud recovery for bilked investors tops $10 billion


The trustee unwinding Bernard Madoff’s defunct investment firm said he surpassed $10 billion in recoveries for victims -- or about 59 percent of the principal lost in the Ponzi scheme -- after reaching a deal with two offshore funds that funneled money to the fraud.

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A Checklist to Buffer Data Breaches

An anti-fraud checklist for Fraud Awareness Week

Payment Source

More people than ever are becoming aware of the impact of data breaches and the resulting fraud. But what about the rest of the fraud types: internal fraud, account takeover, elder abuse and even the old generic scam?

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Introducing Domain Laundering

Domain ‘laundering’ is the latest fraud threat

The Wall Street Journal 

Several major players in the online advertising ecosystem have very publicly declared their war on fraud. Marketers have spoken up against paying for traffic coming from non-human “bots” or ads that are so tiny they aren't viewable. Now, there is yet another fraudulent tactic for them to worry about.

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