Scammers Pose Threat to Social Media Users

LinkedIn scammers are getting scary good

Every social media platform has to battle against scammers and spammers. They ultimately build in just enough friction against creating fake accounts to make it manageable but not enough to eliminate the problem. That leaves it to us, the users, to become experts in identifying fake accounts.

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Deter the Inside Job

5 ways to avert employee theft and fraud


Whether it’s divulging a company’s intellectual property to another party, forging fraudulent checks  or stealing merchandise right off the shelves, employee theft and fraud are among the most serious threats to the success of businesses today.

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When the Music Stops

Singer who sold investors on fake project with Springsteen, Pearl Jam sentenced to prison


A federal court in Washington state has sentenced a singer-songwriter to nearly four years in prison for various schemes that tricked investors into sinking nearly $600,000 in non-existent projects promising music from major artists, including Bruce Springsteen. 

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