Curtailing Medicare Fraud

Using fingerprints to fight fraud

Gov Info Security 

Federal authorities are continuing to ramp up a new program of requiring fingerprint-based criminal background checks for the owners of durable medical equipment, home care and hospice care provider organizations who want to serve Medicare patients. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the FBI are collaborating on the effort, aimed at cracking down on fraudulent Medicare claims, which historically have been more common in these two sectors.

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Scrutinizing Transfer Agents

The SEC is considering new rules to prevent microcap stock fraud

Business Insider

In their battle to root out microcap stock fraudsters, U.S. securities regulators are turning their attention to the obscure world of transfer agents, who are sometimes in a position to prevent scams, or help to enable them.

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A Fraud Investigator Takes the Low Road

Multimillion-dollar tax fraud scheme used info stolen from kids 


Remember that “13 Investigates: IRS tax loophole” video that went viral? People went nuts about this supposed loophole that allowed tax credits for undocumented workers to use to beef up their refunds. I said, at the time:

"This is not a loophole. It’s tax fraud. Those are two totally different things."

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A Kickback Scheme That Made the Rich Even Richer

Drug treatment moguls lived in luxury on Medicaid cash, say prosecutors


Prosecutors say the father and son who ran one of New York's largest drug treatment programs committed fraud and spent taxpayer millions on luxury cars and vacation homes while their patients lived amid rats and bedbugs, but authorities fear shutting down their programs could put thousands of addicts on city streets.

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