A Sinister Weapon

The future of fraud


When I started 41st Parameter more than a decade ago, I had a sense of what fraud was all about. I’d spent several years dealing with fraud while at VeriSign and American Express. As I considered the problem, I realized that fraud was something that could never be fully prevented. It’s a dispiriting thing to accept that committed criminals will always find some way to get through even the toughest defenses. Dispiriting, but not defeating.

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Mitigate the Risk of Expense Fraud

5 simple steps to prevent expense fraud


Consider the following expense fraud scenarios: airfare for a cancelled flight, a $50 travel meal of Ketel One and sodas, and pay-per-view movies lumped into the nightly hotel room rate. While it’s easy to believe a few dollars here and there won’t hurt, expense fraud adds up over time and is difficult to detect. 

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Facebook Seeks Retribution

Facebook sues lawyers for pursuing dubious Ceglia lawsuit


Facebook Inc and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg have sued several lawyers who represented Paul Ceglia, claiming they helped the upstate New York entrepreneur pursue a fraudulent lawsuit to extort a 50 percent stake in the social networking company.

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Behind the Headlines

Surprise: Retirees aren’t that vulnerable to fraud


True or false: The elderly are at greater risk than younger people of getting scammed. If you said “true” you’re not alone: Media articles, academic papers, and consumer surveys often indicate the elderly are prime targets for scam artists.

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Citigroup Disbands Fraudulent Mexican Unit

Citigroup Mexican unit said to have committed decade-long fraud 


Citigroup Inc. (C) said it discovered that the private-security unit in its Mexican bank engaged in illegal and unauthorized activities that included working for people outside of the bank and using intercepted phone calls. 

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